Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo

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Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo
Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo cover
Studio album by Forty Psychic Frames
Released N/A
Recorded -
Genre Hip Hop
Length 30:48
Label Sleepaway Recordings
Producer Forty Psychic Frames
Forty Psychic Frames chronology
Triforce Pump Up!
Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo

After the release of The Shit on Sleepaway Recording's End of Year Compilation, the label decided to give Forty Psychic Frames the opportunity to create a full length album featuring all original beats. Label also offered Wyatt Furtherton to release any solo or side project that he wanted to produce. After the recording process was done for the album, a sloppy mixed down version appeared on Anthony Jackson's MySpace that left 40PF speechless. The general consensus was that the album was horrible. None of the members bring up any tracks in conversations except to mock or make fun of it.


  1. Barbeque Grills (Version 2.0)
  2. Casual Fridays
  3. Le Séduisant
  4. Bro (The Epic)
  5. Cookie Monster
  6. Illegitimate
  7. Pins 2 + 3
  8. Hollow Tip 2006
  9. Wyatt and Anthony's Funeral
  10. Snow Night
  11. Old Stereo Boombox
  12. Maybe Baby (The Wrong One)

Track Stream Download Members Length Date Recorded Vocals Only Instrumental References
Barbeque Grills (Version 2.0) D/L Anthony Scurvy D Poody Wyatt 4:49 - - -
Casual Fridays D/L Wyatt Scurvy D Anthony 2:11 - - - -
Le Séduisant D/L Poody 1:41 - - - -
Bro (The Epic) D/L Forrest Xplicit Wyatt Scurvy D Anthony
Chorus: B-Lush
3:43 - - - -
Cookie Monster D/L Scurvy D Anthony Wyatt 2:16 - - - -
Illegitimate D/L DJ Dizzump 2:50 - - - -
Pins 2 + 3 D/L Anthony Wyatt 1:21 - - - -
Hollow Tip 2006 D/L Forrest 1:17 - - - -
Wyatt and Anthony's Funeral D/L Intro:Wyatt
Anthony Scurvy D
1:45 - - - -
Snow Night D/L Wyatt Xplicit Forrest B-Lush 2:36 - - - -
Old Stereo Boombox D/L Scurvy D Wyatt 1:44 - - - -
Maybe Baby (The Wrong One) D/L Scurvy D Wyatt Anthony 4:44 - - - -


The idea of revisiting this album is a joke in itself. Sometimes a member will make a statement regarding the reconstruction of a certain aspect of the album be it the vocals, the beat, or even writing and rerecording a new verse. But the album just lays there on the back burner awaiting it's disintegration and adoring the fact that it's not in a pawn shop somewhere scrunched in between Diamond Rio's Close to the Edge and REM's Monster.

Reasons for Failure

The die hard fans of Forty Psychic Frames speculate as to what went wrong with this project. Reasons gathered from message boards include poor delivery, lack of energy, being pressured and overworked, too much rehearsing, no banter at the beginning and end of tracks like the other albums, everyone seemed detached from one another, the mixing, internal bickering, and it just didn't' sound like they had fun making it. The fans wondered how the frames could have screwed this project up since the beats were well received.