Triforce Pump Up!

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Triforce Pump Up!
Triforce Pump Up! cover
Studio album by Forty Psychic Frames
Released -
Recorded -
Genre Hip Hop
Length 18:15
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Forty Psychic Frames
Professional reviews
  • Entertainment Weekly 3.5/5 stars 2004
Forty Psychic Frames chronology
Marriage Tequila Diamonds
Triforce Pump Up!
Untitled Sleepaway Records Demo
Singles from Marriage Tequila Diamonds
  1. "Dirty Nutrients 2005"
    Released: -
Back cover
Back Cover.
Back Cover.

Triforce Pump Up! album is the follow up to Marriage Tequila Diamonds making it Forty Psychic Frames' second full length album.


Right after the release of Marriage Tequila Diamonds, Forrest left Asheville to head back to Raleigh while Scurvy D moved to St. Louis. This left Wyatt and Anthony to be the only members (besides a MIA Poody) in Asheville. Since the 220 studio was no more, Wyatt and Anthony didn't collaborate on any projects. Instead the duo made a few appearances and performed at a few clubs, took advantage of an underground gambling ring, and appeared in a couple of local car commercials. "We thought we were done as a group until we received a call from Scurvy D telling us that he's coming back" said Wyatt in an impromptu interview. Scurvy D returned in a white mountaineer in the winter of 2005.

Early Stages of the Album

After Scurvy D's return to Asheville, he and Wyatt opened Beaverdam Studios which ended up only birthing one song before the Asheville crew tore it down and converted Scurvy D's Mountaineer into the Mobile Studio. Half of the album ended up being recorded in the Mobile Studio.

Center Stage and the Return of a Friend

Scurvy D, Wyatt, and Anthony decided to develop Baird Studios and recorded the second half of the yet unnamed album. The Asheville Crew decided to make this album for the Raleigh Crew. Since it was mainly for Forrest and it was by three of the members of 40PF, they ended up calling the album Triforce Pump Up!, a phrase mentioned in the beginning of Poised to Kill. Eventually they recorded more songs and even worked on some solo material.

While at the bar down the road, they ran into an old friend. Poody was back and in full effect. He was featured on Dirty Nutrients 2005 and Dear Ho Sun.

Then, out of nowhere, the Asheville crew would record a track that would rival Gangstaish. The Shit came into effect after Wyatt and Poody finished watching a Tupac documentary. After positive reviews from fans, Sleepaway Recordings decided that they wanted 40PF on their label. They wanted to put The Shit on their End of Year Compilation as well as a track off of Unknown Circuitry. They also wanted a fresh album with beats produced by Wyatt.

Later Stages and the Raleigh Crew Response

Eager to start work on the new album, the Asheville crew decided to finalize the production on Triforce Pump Up!. They made a minute long teaser for Forrest and ended up sending him a couple songs including The Shit and Goin' Home. The Raleigh crew sent back Here to Stay which complemented The Shit perfectly enough for them to make a split single on a 7". Forrest began production on his solo CD The Show soon after.


  1. Dirty Nutrients 2005
  2. Over the Mountain
  3. Why It?
  4. The Shit
  5. Masta Controlla
  6. Mountaineer/Explorer
  7. Untitled (661)
  8. Here to Stay
  9. Dear Ho Sun
  10. Hot Night
  11. Goin' Home

Track Stream Download Members Length Date Recorded Vocals Only Instrumental Producer References
Dirty Nutrients 2005 D/L Wyatt Poody Anthony Scurvy D 2:19 Apirl 15, 2005 - D/L - Bongo Cans
Over the Mountain D/L Scurvy D Wyatt Anthony Scurvy D 2:45 April 11, 2005 - D/L Hardkore Rap Beats -
Why It? D/L Forrest 0:19 February 24, 2005 - - Various Marriage Tequila Diamonds
The Shit D/L Poody Scurvy D Anthony Wyatt 3:26 November 4, 2005 D/L D/L FreeRapBeats -
Masta Controlla D/L Wyatt Scurvy D 1:23 June 16th, 2005 - D/L vi -
Mountaineer/Explorer D/L Scurvy D Anthony Wyatt 1:39 April 2, 2005 - D/L 805 Productions -
Untitled (661) D/L Scurvy D Wyatt 2:25 - - - Wyatt
Scurvy D
Here to Stay D/L Forrest Xplicit
Chorus: B-Lush
5:36 July 28, 2005 - D/L - -
Dear Ho Sun D/L Scurvy D Poody Anthony 2:48 September 3, 2005 - D/L ATL Solja Production -
Hot Night D/L Scurvy D Anthony Wyatt 2:32 June 5, 2005 - D/L Hardkore Rap Beats Tobacco Hotbox
Goin' Home D/L Scurvy D Anthony 2:05 July 24th, 2005 - D/L Platinum Beatz -


The album received mixed opinions amongst critics and 40PF fans. Seth Burton wrote on his blog South By Southeast Music, "As far as I'm concerned this has surpassed their previous albums. This is rawer and more underground than their first EP. They even brought in some choruses on this one and they're tight. This is definitely a contender for the best album of the year. If it doesn't win I'll cut off my own nut and eat it." Laura Fraley had a different opinion than Burton, she said "the album took everything I liked about Forty Psychic Frames and flushed it down the toilet. Fraley continues, "the album just isn't as fun and what happened to Scurvy D? I thought he was a modest and laid back pothead. Why is he yelling into my ear like that. Did Anthony drink too much this time? He's making less sense than usual and where is Forrest? The album is called Triforce Pump Up, but Forrest is only rapping on one song? What an obnoxious album." The Shit and Here to Stay topped the charts leaving hardly any discussion of the other nine tracks.