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The Show was to be the title of Forrest Jameson's first solo EP. The development of the album began shortly after 40PF's Raleigh Crew recorded the chart-topping single Here to Stay. Production of the album was halted because of disputes between Jameson and his record producer.

Development and Reasons for Suspension

Jameson began working on The Show with record producer Gary Ross. They entered the Bonus Room studio in 2006 and began recording. Sources claim that Jameson and Ross were at each other's throats throughout production. "I should have seen through his bullshit from the beginning. His vision became more clear as the project progressed," Jameson said. "He wanted an album full of that 'snap' and 'crunk' shit you hear on the radio these days. I'm not Dem Franchize Boyz. I'm not Lil' Jon. That's not my style."

Jameson halted production of The Show shortly after the tracks "Ready to Fight" and "Living to Die" were recorded.

Revival and Re-Imagining

The idea for Jameson's solo album was revived in the summer of 2008. He began preliminary work on the album concept in late June 2008, now titled Highway of the Lost and Found. He plans to release the album sometime in 2011.