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Satisfaction cover
EP by Forty Psychic Frames
Released November 20, 2006
Recorded March 2004 at Unknown Studio in Hendersonville, April 2006 - August 2006 at Baird Studios
Genre Hip Hop
Length 19:24
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Anthony Jackson
Professional reviews
  • Holla! Holla! Holla! 4/5 stars 2006
Singles from Satisfaction
  1. "Myrtle Beach"
    Released: November 2006
  2. "Figure 8"
    Released: January 2007
  3. "Behind the Green Door"
    Released: February 2007
Back cover
Back Cover.
Back Cover.
Alternate Front Cover
Alternate Front Cover
Alternate Front Cover

Satisfaction is the first solo E.P. of Anthony Jackson on Forty Psychic Records. The E.P., which was mostly recorded in the Baird Studios, has been described by Anthony as "full of smack-you-in-yo-mother-fuckin-face but danceable shit". Satisfaction runs 20 minutes and having 6 tracks.


The E.P it makes an attempt at having a linear cohesive storyline.

Starting off with Figure 8, we learn some of Anthony's past before The Frames. From then on Anthony drives to Asheville, heads to Myrtle Beach, and takes a flight to Las Vegas.


  1. Figure 8
  2. Dr. Jekkill and Mr. Hide
  3. Myrtle Beach (Ocean Blvd.)
  4. Behind the Green Door
  5. Black Jack (Las Vegas)
  6. Club Banga

The Cover

The idea of the cover art comes from a line in Club Banga. There has been controversy over the cover such as the deletion of Anthony's MySpace without any warnings. This has happened twice. Fans and retail stores complained about it so much that Anthony had to create an alternate cover. This incident is similar to the butcher cover of Yesterday and Today by The Beatles. The new cover of Satisfaction is pretty scandalous, but at least it can be sold in stores now. Anthony responded to the alternate cover by saying "I didn't want to have to make the cover all black or something cause that would have been wack as hell".

Guest Appearances

In an interview, Anthony said that he wanted everyone in 40PF on the album so it can be the best it could be. However the only member that appeared on Satisfaction were Scurvy D, DJ D, and Wyatt