In Hearts Once Loved

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In Hearts Once Loved is the second album and first LP recorded by Forty Psychic Frames member Wyatt Furtherton and co-produced by Ear Infections. Currently it is planned to be released sometime in 2009.


After the completion of Unknown Circuitry in 2006, Wyatt Furtherton set forth to finish smaller projects, including a Christmas album and a samples-based album with Anthony Jackson while also working on material for the Forty Psychic Frames group album. While working intermittently on these various projects Wyatt privately hinted to group members that he would make a follow-up to Unknown Circuitry and soon thereafter wrote and recorded "Katherine Hunter" at the Baird Street Studios in Asheville, NC.

After moving to Auburn, NC in the fall of 2006, production on In Hearts Once Loved stalled due to "lack of commitment and inspiration."

In May of 2007 Wyatt produced "(I'd Never Crush) Someone Like You," inviting all members to be featured on the track, considering it a possible song for the new album. Though it has yet to be released, Wyatt cites the song as a kick start to taking up work on the untitled album once more.

Production is ongoing though Wyatt hopes to have the album recorded by Fall of 2009.

Track Listing

No official track listing has been released due to the ongoing status of recording. However, listed below are possible songs known to have been recorded in some capacity within the time frame of the reported recording the new album.

  • "Loose Ends"
  • "Gracie"
  • "(Rebbecca) August (Callaway)"
  • "(Rebbecca) August (Callaway) (Continued)"
  • "In Within"
  • "Marilyn (I Think) (Take This Pen)"
  • "Ava (You're Gone Forever)"
  • "In Within When I'm With You (Autumn)"
  • "After the Break"
  • "Do I Know You?"
  • "There's Nothing Inside of Me Caroline Myers"
  • "Katherine Hunter"
  • "Sarah, If You Can Wait--"
  • "(I'd Never Crush) Someone Like You"
  • "Elena, Let Me Try Again"
  • "Is It Over?"
  • "And You Can Never Be"
  • "I Miscalculated"
  • "Goodbye"
  • "Guess What?"
  • "Under the Light"
  • "Best Car Ride"
  • "In Hearts Once Loved"
  • "Shakespeare (Air on Air)"
  • "In Church We Sing"