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Forty Psychic Frames is a hip-hop group based out of Asheville, NC. They are made up of eight members and have recorded and released over one hundred songs together. Though still relatively unknown to the greater public they continue to write and record music together.


The Beginning

Before adopting the name Forty Psychic Frames, the core of the future group, Anthony Jackson, Forrest Jameson, and Wyatt Furtherton formed while in attendance of an open mic night in the Humanities Lecture Hall at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. There they devised an act for future open mic nights which would involve loud but somber guitar music, a bible reading, and a procession down the aisle of each member hooded in cloaks. After leaving the event, Anthony and Wyatt set to record the song to be played during their future act and produced The Bible Song (Part I). This would become the first song recorded under the name Forty Psychic Frames though it was not added until after the group established itself as a hip-hop group.

The three members continued recording shortly thereafter, though they were guitar-based songs they had written over the previous months. On one of these nights when they would normally be recording Forrest and Wyatt began beatboxing and freestyling