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DJD 1108.jpg
Background information
Birth name DJ Dizzump
Also known as DJ D
The D
Foreign Baron
Fire Quake
Crack Ninja
Origin North Carolina, United States
Genre(s) Hip Hop
Years active  ? – present
Label(s) Forty Psychic Records(2003-present)
Associated acts Forty Psychic Frames

DJ D (also known as DJ Dizzump) joined the group in October of 2003 alongside Xplicit. DJ D's first song was Gangstaish which became 40PF's biggest hit.

The majority of his freestyle album "Satellite" was reportedly recorded in one night after about twenty shots of Bicardi and a baker's dozen bowls of the green.

If he's not riding his black and red bike, you can find DJ D hanging out in Big Book's Crib where he is either filing the serial numbers of a newly acquired weapon, or simply plotting things to come and the mayhem that will ensue.

An insider report from the Psychic Frames may indicate that a title track is in the works which may be entirely about DJ D. Sources speculate that Wyatt Furtherton was the brains behind the idea and that a trump-style guerilla recording may be coming soon.

When asked for his comments regarding the procurement of information for the Forty Psychic Frames Wiki page he suddenly freestyled my death:

 How you gonna read when both your eyes start to bleed
 How you gonna see when I stab them out to keep
 How you gonna hear when the shit blows out your ear
 How you gonna breath when the air gets sucked from here
 Your eyes will slowly close and thats the last you'll ever see
 Readin' bout the frames has gave your soul to me