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Anthony Jackson presents the Individual Rappers is a side-project headed by Anthony Jackson of the Forty Psychic Frames. After moving out to the west, Anthony found five rappers who also wanted to collaborate. These rappers were from Albequerque, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. These members included Weston Smith, Smoove Vibe, Shorty Strong, and Los Hermanos de Mañana.

Their label, which was out of San Antonio, made the first track they recorded the single of the album. "They mentality about the whole situation was fucked from tha start. I mean you take the first project that me and these guys have done and make it a single." Anthony continued, "That ain't right! You know? You got to wait until the whole thing is done and finished before you can make some decisions like that shit. What if I took tha first song that Paul and John did together in the mother fuckin' Beatles? That sure as hell ain't a fuckin' single. Those guys at Paradise fucked us from the start". Needless to say Anthony thought this project was doomed. Since the single was not well received, Anthony decided to sue his label when he heard that they recalled all copies of the album and quit distributing them. Anthony won a lawsuit against Paradise Records that led to him gaining the rights and master tapes of the project. In a drunken of rage, Anthony is said to have destroyed the master tapes due to the bad reviews of the album. This could possibly be a rumour.

A dozen press kits are the only remaining material of this project. This kit contained a one minute CD which had approximately twenty seconds of five tracks from the album. The purpose of this CD was for DJs to play the track on the radio to promote the album. The kit also contained a promotional portrait of the band, which would have been the cover of the album.

Aside from the press kit there was also a two minute television spot to promote the album.

Anthony no longer speaks to the Individual Rappers. The Caldwell Journal interviewed Shorty Strong about the destruction of the project and he replied, "Anthony knew that this fuckin' project was the best. He told me this. If he thinks that we're just gonna sit back and not do shit, he's got another thing comin'. I'm gonna be comin' to kick that mother fucker's ass and any of his wack psychic friends who are rollin with him. It should've been called Anthony Jackson resents the Individual Rappers. I mean what the fuck!?." After Strong's breakdown he hasn't spoke about Anthony.

The Album's Tracklist:

  1. Draft Picks (Get 'N Da Game)
  2. Mal Fortuna
  3. We Be the Best *
  4. Doin' Chicks on Route 66 *
  5. Pick Up the Pace
  6. Do That (Shine Shine Thang) *
  7. Perfect Da Art
  8. Weston Eats His Heart Out (feat. Phoney Tap)
  9. Break the Gun Down *
  10. The Trouble With Hoes
  11. Feliz Cumpleaños tú es Muerto *
  12. Creme and Sugar, Stirred *
  13. Conclusion (Come Up Shorty)
  • this song was featured in the press kit

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