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40PF cover
Studio album by Forty Psychic Frames
Released March 19, 2012
Recorded -
Genre Hip Hop
Length 44:54
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Forty Psychic Frames; Executive Producer Anthony Jackson
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Forty Psychic Frames chronology
Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo
Untitled 40PF 2LP Album
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Back Cover.

40PF is the title of the "best of" compilation album by hip-hop group Forty Psychic Frames.


In early 2012 the band Forty Psychic Frames decided to compile their favorite songs released up to that date. The track listing would include greatest hits such as "Gangstaish" and "The Shit," but would also include songs that had been recorded but never officially released (such as "Down South" and "RBC") and at least one selection from each member's solo albums. As a result the compilation is considered by the band as more of a "best of" than a "greatest hits" as it lacks inclusion from any of the first album, The Mind Click Sounds E.P..

The group decided early on to make the album available to fans for free on SoundCloud and BandCamp with complete lyrics and artwork.

Making Of

In order to produce a track list with equal input from each member, everyone was instructed to make their own "dream" playlist and submit it to the group for review. Tracks found on two or more persons lists were initially considered to be on the final version. Each track with only one "vote" was called for questioning to defend their position for its inclusion by the member who submitted it. No tracks were included from these discussions.

Shortly before the album's release the first Camp Sals Summit was called in which every member met at the residence of Scurvy D to discuss each track with two or more votes at length. Track title, artwork samples created by Anthony Jackson and release details were also finalized during this time.

In late February each member submitted a sequence of the list finalized at the Summit. Discussion was fairly limited and ultimately the sequence constructed by Anthony Jackson and Scurvy D were decided as being final for public release.


Though all tracks retain the production credit of the original producer upon recording, Anthony Jackson is credited as being the executive producer of the album. After a rough list was culled by the group Anthony set to review and remix all tracks, where necessary, for clarity and background or room noise, then EQ-ed for the greatest sound quality. After the track list was finalized he is also credited for final mastering and final sequencing for upload.

Anthony is also credited as art director as he designed several mockups for the album cover, as well as the one voted on by the group.

Track Listing

  1. "Gangstaish" (From Marriage Tequila Diamonds)
  2. "Masta Controlla" (From Triforce Pump Up!)
  3. "Arise, Awake, For It Will Be Told" (From Arise, Awake, For It Will Be Told Single)
  4. "Dawg The Booty Hunter" (Previously unreleased; from forthcoming solo album Fully Loaded and Ready to Blow by Anthony Jackson)
  5. "The Shit" (From Triforce Pump Up!)
  6. "That's The Way We Are (Featuring Nothingman)" (From solo album Death of a Salesman by Scurvy D)
  7. "RBC" (From RBC Single)
  8. "Part II (Waking Up)" (From solo album Unknown Circuitry by Wyatt Furtherton)
  9. "Gracelyn" (Previously unreleased)
  10. "Hot Night" (From Triforce Pump Up!)
  11. "Shallow Grave" (From Shallow Grave Single)
  12. "Please Please Please (One Cigarette)" (From solo album Unknown Circuitry by Wyatt Furtherton)
  13. "Down South" (Previously unreleased)
  14. "Time Stands Still (In 220)" (From forthcoming album Sample Pages)

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