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Background information
Birth name Chesterfield Harrington
Also known as The X
X-Y Gilly
The Emcee
The Master of Ceremonies
Origin New York, United States
Genre(s) Hip Hop
Years active  ? – present
Label(s) Forty Psychic Records(2003-present)
Associated acts Forty Psychic Frames

Xplicit, or C.H., joined the group in October of 2003 along with DJ Dizzump (DJ D) as part of the so-called Psychic Squad. Both he and DJ D officially joined Forty Psychic Frames not long after.


Xplicit was born in a small town just outside of Harlem, NY. He had a rougher childhood, rougher than all the others. The first memory Xplicit remembers having was being three years old and for Christmas receiving a Fisher Price microphone.

Hip Hop Career Begins

During middle school the girls that Chesterfield hung around were always trying to "poke holes in his condom boxes". This didn't seem to bother him that much. In Eighth grade Language Arts class is when he wrote his first rhyme, which he received an A on.

He started to explore the lyrical side of himself in high school. He hung out at the 8th street club on weekends where ended up battling other MCs.

He worked his way through grade school by selling crack rocks just to pay his cell phone bill.


When Chesterfield was born, his father was fourteen and stood 4'6" and his mother was a 24 year old cheerleader for the New York Knicks. They met at a Knicks game one night when his father won a t-shirt contest. Ever since then, true love and sex entered their lives.

Forty Psychic Frames

Before recording Gangstaish and Enough with the Singing Girl, the Frames warmed up by doing about nine beatbox instrumentals one of which Xplicit freestyled on. Later this track would appear on DJ D's Satellite album. You can usually find him wearing a blue Duke hoodie as seen in his music video Can't Stick a Dick in an Internet Bitch off of his solo freestyle album From the Mind of Xplicit. The video was the first ever music video in the Forty PF collection. It was shot by Forrest Jameson in his infamous Bonus Room.

Besides his self-censoring, Duke hoodie, and freestyle skills, Xplicit's other trademarks include his emcee style introductions to tracks (see Dissipated and Gangstaish. They're usually a bold statement followed by a roll call of people appearing on the track.

On later studio sessions, CH brought in his girl B-Lush to do some choruses (see Here to Stay and Bro (The Epic)).

The Name Xplicit

The Xplicit moniker was derived from one of his favorite words when he was young. In an interview with Dan Rather, he explained, "Basically it means anything that has to be censored and blurred for virgin minds. It's like an R rated movie you could say." Sometimes Xplicit will even censor himself while recording the track.