Wyatt and Anthony's Funeral

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“Wyatt and Anthony's Funeral”
Song by Forty Psychic Frames
Album Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo
Released October 8th, 2006
Recorded July 8th, 2006
Genre Hip Hop
Length 1:45
Label Forty Psychic Records
Members Wyatt Furtherton, Anthony Jackson, Scurvy D
Producer Wyatt Furtherton
Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo track listing
"Hollow Tip 2006"
Wyatt and Anthony's Funeral
"Snow Night"


I like candy.

Here come the fist to punch ya in the mouth.
Spit up blood, bitch, I knocked ya teeth out.
Deaf to the radio, it be piercing!
Christian channels seem to come in more clearly.
Uncle Roman will blow some coin on a kick ass drag boat
and Chet is annoyed...
by the lightening and the thunder from his hand.
Busting sixty-six shots in the head of one man.
And Smash TV with Solomon's Key
Jimmy Woods champion Super Mario 3
Free me from these acid flashbacks.
Cops staking me out 'cause I be selling smack.
Hop in the club Danson not Ted.
Sneak to the back girl I hope you give head.
Tonight if your ass refuse to gargle
ain't putting out bitch find yourself a spin cycle.

Scurvy D:
Look for us in smoked up places
Bloodshot gazes in notebook pages
scribble down rhymes to attain them papers
the ones rocking them dead men faces
let it spin son, see how far
attack this chance, like we do the bar
toss them bones
bluff the low card
DJ D with the win, then back to the car
Stacked in the hole in the back
not getting caught in the next crash
keep a stash of cash
plus the 'shrooms some weed and a dash of hash
prepare for Bush's next lash
Pretender to the throne
who's all wrong cause he blew his mind with blow
long ago he lost control long ago
it's cold but I told you so