Unknown Circuitry

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Unknown Circuitry
EP by Wyatt Furtherton
Unknown Circuitry
Released Febuary 6, 2007
Recorded November 2005 - February 2006 at Baird Street Studios
Genre Hip Hop
Length 19:06
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Wyatt Furtherton
Singles from Unknown Circuitry
  1. "Part II (Waking Up)"
    Released: December 2005
Back cover
[[Image:|Template:Minpx|Back Cover.|200px]]
Back Cover.

Unknown Circuitry is the first extended play solo studio album by Forty Psychic Frames member Wyatt Furtherton. It was released on Febuary 6, 2007 as a limited pressing through the in-house boutique label Forty Psychic Records.

Album Information


  1. Part I (If You Were)
  2. Part II (Waking Up)
  3. Next Song (Parts I and II) (Featuring Anthony Jackson)
  4. Oh My
  5. Please Please Please (One Cigarette)
  6. Robots 3 (Featuring S.A.M. and TI-86)
  7. Winter This Much