The Forrest and DJ D Variety Hours

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Forrest Jameson and DJ Dizzump started an internet radio show entitled The Forrest and DJ D Variety Hours in 2004. The show was aired as a part of The Cape radio station, which broadcasted content for the multiplayer online role-playing game City of Heroes.

Forrest and DJ D would broadcast the show from Forrest's famous Bonus Room (though on the show they claimed that they broadcasted from Chuck One, a huge Chuck Norris shaped space station). They would log into City of Heroes as Forrest's DJ character (also named Forrest Jameson) and send announcements across various zones, letting other players know what URL they should tune their Winamps to. Then, right before starting the internet broadcast, they would travel in-game to a zone called King's Row. There was a large, rocky hill in that zone, which Forrest and DJ D dubbed "The Rock". This is where they would stay in-game every week during the show. The listeners would also bring their characters to The Rock to dance and chat with Forrest and DJ D while they played music.

In between songs, Forrest and DJ D exchanged witty banter with eachother and made comments related to what the listeners were typing in-game. "They were just sooo funny," City of Heroes character Sparkly Unicorn said. "I would listen to them every week! Tee hee hee!" The Variety Hours quickly became one of the most popular shows aired on The Cape radio station. Their most popular show brought them over a hundred listeners one week. Some say that the Loan Shark was one of the number one fans of the show.

Two popular comedy series were played every week on the show: The E.V.I.L. Chronicles, starring Mr. Mano and Nerds. Though he wasn't usually present for the broadcast itself , Xplicit (aka C.H.) played an important role in both series. The episodes were posted as downloadable mp3's on The Cape's website, but were taken down after the Variety Hours ran its course. Forrest, Xplicit, and DJ D also recorded several commercials to be aired on the show, advertising fictional products from the City of Heroes game. Nerds and The E.V.I.L. Chronicles remain favorites of Forrest, DJ D, C.H., and the old Variety Hours listeners out there in the world that loved them.

Sound Clips from the Show

The Intro for the show. This was played right before Forrest and DJ D went on the air.

One of the Sweepers played on the show.

Another Sweeper, usually played before a song.

The Forrest and C.H. Variety Hours

Almost a year after the Forrest and DJ D Variety Hours ended its run, Forrest and C.H. made contact with The Cape again. Since DJ D was unavailable, they revived the show as The Forrest and C.H. Variety Hours, but the second incarnation of the show didn't last as long as the first. Forrest and C.H. left the station to pursue other projects and haven't broadcasted since.

This is a sound clip from when the evil Mr. Mano and his Head Minion took over the Forrest and C.H. Variety Hours.

At the end of the show, Forrest and C.H. took the show back from Mano and Head Minion.

When asked why he decided to take the job in the first place, Forrest later explained to Disc Jockey Illustrated, "Well, I had been thinking about DJing for a while. I'll have to admit though, Cadillac Jack and the Otter inspired me to do it. Remember those fuckin guys? We made an appearance on their show back in the day. I figured if those two obnoxious idiots can make a dime in radio, I sure as hell could do it too. So I got DJ D and C.H. in on it and we did our thing, Raleigh Crew style. Simple as that. It was a blast and we really developed a solid fanbase. It was a tough choice to make when we decided to leave The Cape. But I'll be the first to tell you...I wouldn't trade those days back for the world."