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The 'Rail is the newest studio and current residence belonging to Forrest Jameson, replacing the Bonus Room. He purchased and moved into The 'Rail at the end of May 2009. Most of Jameson's current projects are now developed at The 'Rail, along with portions of other 40PF projects.

The 'Rail Railjump

It has been reported that Scurvy D once climbed onto the patio railing during a housewarming party at The 'Rail. In an act of uncanny physical fitness, he leaped off of the railing and sailed more than ten feet to land on the sidewalk, effortlessly clearing a large patch of bushes. The feat was witnessed by a stunned Forrest, who watched in drunken amazement.

Jameson later commented, "It was badass. I didn't know Scurves had moves like that. He did front flips...and some kinda crazy corkscrew ninja shit while he was jumping."

"It blew my fucking mind," Jameson added.