Scurvy D

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Scurvy D
Background information
Birth name Scurvy D
Also known as Scurvy
Neighborhood Pothead
Middle Man
Born May 28, 1982
Origin  ?
Genre(s) Hip Hop
Years active  ? – present
Label(s) Forty Psychic Records(2003-present)
Associated acts Forty Psychic Frames, God Wolf

The View

Scurvy D was born May 28th 1982, in Atlanta Ga. He moved 2 years later, with his family, to an apartment complex in Asheville. Much of his early youth was spent hangin' out with his boys, Lurch, Doc, Not-to-tall-ballin' Jamal and Corn. During these early years, Scurvy D learned the two loves of his life, rappin' and Mary Jane.

Middle Man

Before joining Forty Psychic Frames, Scurves worked as a solo artist, and reefer dealer. Pot being very easy to move in Asheville, he made quite a stash of cash, but never really developed his music. Most of Scurves' time was spend hustlin' and keepin' out of the hands of the Jakes.

Just Another One of the Frames

The details of how Scurvy D became a member of Forty Psychic Frames are shrouded in mystery, mostly because all parties involved were quite intoxicated. What is known however, is that Scurves first appears on Suge Sucks performing back up vocals. It wasn't long that Wyatt, Forrest and Anthony offered full membership. Work proceeded right away on The Mind Click Sounds E.P. and Marriage Tequila Diamonds.

Death of a Salesman

The debut solo album was years in the making and spanned 3 studios. Finally released in 2009, Death of a Salesman was released to rave reviews. It features many of the Frames, and even a new artist, Nothingman, to the Fortyverse. When asked if the wait was worth it, Scurvy D fan Herbert Crumpley said, "Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? I have my downloaded copy and a quarter of bud ready to go!"


Rumors insist that a second solo album is in the planning phase, but it seems to be just talk. Scurves himself only had this to say, "Look, I'm happy that DoaS is finally out, and I'm gonna ride that for a bit. Ya know, I also got some other big shit goin' on in my life, so lets not get ahead of ourselves. One step at a time, what you should really ask me about is the Frames shit goin' down right now!"

 An Excerpt from:

The Life and Times of Scurvy D

    by Jim Jammerson

Jim Jammerson: So Scurvy D, lets start...

Scurvy D: Call me Scurves. It'll save you a couple lines in print.

J.J: Okay, Scurves. As I was saying, let's start pre-40PF. Where are you from?

S.D: Well I was born in Atlanta, but my family moved to Asheville, NC when I was pretty young. We lived in a neighborhood that isn't there anymore. Developers an shit, you know how it is.

J.J: Is this "The View" as you reference in Figure 8?

S.D: Yeah, yeah. That's it. Me and my boys, Lurch and Doc used to hangout and get into no ends of trouble. I sold green wit 'em, if ya know what I mean. It was chill. But as all things do, we went our separate ways.

J.J: What lead up to your involvment with Forty Psychic Frames?

S.D: Well I was workin' on some shit by myself and things weren't goin' so well. I had been usin' the same beat to work on a couple of different songs. The lyrics at least and the verses were all soundin' the same. I was out gettin' lunch or somethin', (I don't really remember the details, I was baked) and this dude with a paper bag over his head comes over and starts beat boxin'. He was good and I finished up the verse I was workin' on to his beat. He introduced himself as Wyatt Futherton and I met the other fellas within' a few minutes. We got to chattin' 'bout shit and before you know they invited me down to the studio, 220, to help do backups on Suge Sucks. After that, it was on. I was a Frame. You don't know how good it is to say that, Jim. You'll never know.