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Satellite cover
Studio album by DJ D
Released February 28, 2006
Recorded -
Genre Hip Hop
Length -
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Anthony Jackson, Wyatt Furtherton
Professional reviews
  • ' 3.5/5 stars
Singles from Berkidibo (Single Mix)
  1. "Satellite"
    Released: -

DJ Dizzump's freestyle album Satellite is the second album in the Forty Psychic Freestyles Series on the Forty Psychic Records label and was compiled by Wyatt Furtherton and Anthony Jackson after listening to hours of footage. "We just sat down one day and started listening to some of the freestyle sessions and thought we might be able to make something from it", Wyatt said in a Vanity Faire article.


Since there were both good moments and bad moments from the freestyle sessions, Wyatt and Anthony decided to cut together a CDs worth of footage. Instead of censoring the curse words they ended up censoring names. Anthony once said, "we just thought it'd be funny to bleep out everyone's name because when DJ D calls you out it's like 'Damn what the fuck did I do to have this mother fucker yelling my name like that?'" Wyatt added "We decided that anything goes. if you have a phone message that DJ D left you, let's put it on. We have two remixes of the same song? Who cares? They're on. Oh it's a badass song with just Xplicit rapping? Throw it on there.

When asked for his thoughts upon first hearing the new ablum DJ-D said, "You will burn."


  1. Drums to My Guns (Blasted Beat Mix)
  2. Watching Ed Norton Fight Himself (Highlight Reel Mix 2)
  3. Only Black Man From the Future (Featuring DJ D)
  4. Rap Off the Beat (Wyatt Wyatt Clean Teeth Remix)
  5. Best of Battle Rap (Greatest Hits Mix)
  6. Away Message No. 19: By DJ D (Ridiculous Ridiculous Remix)
  7. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (Stop Drop Edit)
  8. I'm a Lost Boy (Featuring Forrest Jameson) (Terrified Edit)
  9. The Ghost of Christmas (Featuring DJ D and Forrest Jameson)
  10. Master D Freestyle
  11. Just Checking In (Skit)
  12. Rap Off the Beat (Fellatio's Over There Remix)
  13. Berkidibo (Single Mix)
  14. What Up Intro
  15. Supreme (Featuring Scurvy D) (Up Close Mix)
  16. Away Message No. 23: By Scurvy D (Dizzumpified)
  17. Your Boy, James (Silent and Stealthy Remix)