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Background information
Also known as Chet
King of the Shim Sham
Origin New York, New York, United States
Genre(s) Hip Hop
Years active  ? – present
Label(s) Forty Psychic Records(2003-present)
Associated acts Forty Psychic Frames

Poody was brought in to the group by Scurvy D back in October of 2003. He first appeared on the track Savoir Faire. His roommate at the time, Dr. Buttercup, tagged along for the session however he did not supply a verse. Poody has appeared in a few other songs and became part of the A-Ville Crew along with Scurvy D, Wyatt, and Anthony. He is well known for his smooth, laid back rap delivery.

Poody now resides in Asheville with Scurvy D. They are possibly planning a follow up tour to their successful Smoke Out Canada Tour from 2002.

Poody is the man, and this is a test to see if I can edit this thing.