Myrtle Beach

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“Myrtle Beach (Ocean Blvd.)”
Single by Anthony Jackson
from the album Satisfaction
Released November 12th, 2006
Format Digital Download, Compact Disc
Recorded March 2004
Genre Hip Hop
Length 3:00
Label Forty Psychic Records
Members Anthony Jackson
Producer Anthony Jackson
Certification Gold
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"Myrtle Beach (Ocean Blvd.)"
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"Myrtle Beach (Ocean Blvd.)"
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Myrtle Beach was recorded and uploaded to the Forty Psychic Frames blog in 2004 and became the first solo track from the Forty Psychic Frames collection. The song tells a story of a trip Anthony took to Myrtle Beach.

About This Track

The track was written and recorded in about two hours in an undisclosed location in Hendersonville, NC. The "shout out" at the end was improvised. The song took two takes to record because Anthony started laughing halfway through the song.



One lap dance please
Stripper on ya knees
No STDs?
Grab your ankles
and squeeze.
Man what's that?
a tat above your ass crack?
Somethin' to stare at
while I hit you from the back!
Well I gotta be Frank
now your pussy is a sperm bank.
Not a skank
to respect.
Damn my dick is erect
and ready to inject again.
out and in
out and in
and down..
Ocean Blvd.
I'll steal a car
go so fast I can't get
picked out by a radar.
One more stop
on the way
it's my essay
with an 8-ball buffet

Step back up from the sand
don't spike that shit
with your volleyball hand.
Titty popped out
they can see it from the shore

  • click*

with a disposable camera
from the store.
Get back in
I'm dehydrating
Jack and Coke
Bartender will be makin
Tip her with a Ben
and tell her friend
to meet me at the room
can you fucking comprehend?
She looks good
made up with eye-liner
God I hope that she ain't a minor
Designer dress
ripped to shreds
Knock knock knock
a bust in
by the motherfucking feds
Pull out her muff
and grab my stuff
out the window
without glass cuttin' me up
Fire escape
Runnin' down fast
Maybe cliche
Fuck it!
I got away

Sluts are trouble
even if they got a bubble
Ho's are worse
Cause you don't get your money's worth
That's my problem
No more dough
Out like a fag
on the Will & Grace show
Out of gas too
I commit another crime
what's it up to?
Three, four, or five?
I gotta drive out of Myrtle
North to Calabash
Deep fried food
head to west
JBLs boomin' in my ears
Picked up from Putt-putt
they be souvenirs
Holy shit
that vacation was fun!
This time I didn't even
have to pawn my gun
Like a re-run.


At the time it was recorded, 40PF had not put a chorus in any of their songs, so to keep up the tradition of the previous tracks, Anthony kept in the dead space in between the three verses.

During the Baird recording sessions for Satisfaction, Anthony was contemplating whether or not to put in a chorus and another verse, but he decided not to go through with the idea.

In 2008, Anthony put in clips from the movie "Shag" in place of the dead space. The movie took place in Myrtle Beach. This mix is known as "The Shag Remix".

The Shag Remix of Myrtle Beach