Marriage Tequila Diamonds

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Marriage Tequila Diamonds
Marriage Tequila Diamonds cover
Studio album by Forty Psychic Frames
Released May 20, 2004
Recorded October 2003-February 24 at Mills 220
Genre Hip Hop
Length 33:25
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Forty Psychic Frames
Professional reviews
  • Rolling Stone 4/5 stars 2004
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Marriage Tequila Diamonds
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Singles from Marriage Tequila Diamonds
  1. "Gangstaish"
    Released: May 2004
  2. "Elite"
    Released: June 2004
  3. "Haunted Hell"
    Released: October 2004
Back cover
Back Cover.
Back Cover.

Marriage Tequila Diamonds, or MTD, is the first full length album of Forty Psychic Frames. The beats of the twelve tracks were composed by numerous producers that DJ D knows. Xplicit said "we came up from Raleigh and my man Dizzump brought the beats with him because he thought the Frames need them. Psychic Squad represent!"

The Album Name

During the production of Marriage Tequila Diamonds, the Frames would assign the project different names. The first idea was for the album to be self-titled. Then, as more tracks were being created, 40PF had the idea of calling the project "Dual Ingrams" and having it be a double LP; each disc would be considered an ingram. The cover of this hypothetical album would be a picture of Anthony's tattoos. Scrapping the idea of a double album, the Frames decided a single LP would be sufficient. The album name Marriage Tequila Diamonds originated when the group stumbled across a poster featuring the words marriage, tequila, and diamonds. Later, when designing their album cover, the group stuck a post-it note featuring their own band name to the infamous poster.


  1. Gangstaish
  2. Frames of Fury
  3. Lies as Ammunition
  4. Elite
  5. Haunted Hell
  6. Hollow Tip
  7. Dissipated
  8. True to Life
  9. Poised to Kill
  10. Predicated Abuse
  11. 220 Headies
Track Stream Download Members Length Date Recorded Instrumental Producer References
Gangstaish D/L Wyatt
DJ Dizzump Scurvy D Xplicit Forrest Anthony
2:40 October 4th, 2003 D/L FreeRapBeats mafia_is_coming Mr. P's Pizza
Frames of Fury D/L DJ Dizzump Anthony Wyatt Forrest 3:28 October 25, 2003 - - -
Lies as Ammunition D/L Forrest Anthony Wyatt DJ Dizzump 2:56 April 25, 2004 D/L Deeper Era Productions Myrtle Beach
Elite D/L Scurvy D Wyatt Anthony Forrest 2:05 January 25, 2004 D/L MyndSet Fambrough
Haunted Hell - Forrest Wyatt 3:25 November 1-6, 2003 - - Helen's Bridge
Hollow Tip D/L Forrest Anthony Scurvy D Wyatt 2:58 October 13, 2003 D/L - -
Dissipated D/L Forrest DJ Dizzump Wyatt Anthony Xplicit 2:59 February 28, 2004 D/L Darrell "Digga" Branch & Lance "Un" Rivera -
True to Life D/L Xplicit Wyatt Anthony Forrest Scurvy D DJ Dizzump 3:38 February 29, 2004 D/L Dr. Dre and Mike Elizondo -
Poised to Kill D/L Forrest Wyatt Anthony Scurvy D 2:49 January 15-16, 2004 D/L Mr. Royce Production -
Predicated Abuse D/L Wyatt Xplicit Anthony Scurvy D Forrest DJ Dizzump 3:43 Februrary 27, 2004 D/L Dr. Dre & Scott Storch -
220 Headies D/L Forrest Wyatt Anthony Scurvy D Xplicit DJ Dizzump 3:04 February 1-2, 2004 D/L Stryfe -


Marriage Tequila Diamonds received stellar feedback from all over the world and is the main reason that Forty Psychic Frames ended up in the spotlight. The album became a commercial success while still satisfying the hardcore fans who had heard most of the tracks one year before its official release. Timothy McHill told Emocracy, "I can always count on this album to get me out of a bad mood and stop me from slitting my wrists again. All I need now is a 40PF wrist band to hide my scars! Woo!" Michael Azzerad wrote in a review for Rolling Stone, "I can't believe the hype over this record. It is simply divine and amazing to me. It's not the least bit contrived like all the other albums floating around the office." Azzerad continues, "this is clearly a party CD, but far from being a classic hiphop album." Azzerad later retracted the "classic" statement after the release of the 2008 reissue.