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Single by Forty Psychic Frames
from the album Marriage Tequila Diamonds
B-side "A Day in the Life"/"Savoir Faire"/"Poised to Kill"
Released May 20th, 2004
Format Digital Download, Compact Disc, 7"
Recorded October 4th, 2003
Genre Hip Hop
Length 2:40
Label Forty Psychic Records
Members Wyatt Furtherton, DJ Dizzump, Scurvy D, Xplicit, Forrest Jameson, Anthony Jackson
Producer Forty Psychic Frames
Certification Gold
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up in the cellar stairs
ghosts chill in eternal chairs
break dancing to the beats by Ol' Dr. McSnare
we heard the chains rattling
it sounds kind of like my Gatling
and now I'm just chatting
with the ghost of Pimp Tap Tapping
but look at me
we are just three
plus two and Drew if you count Daniel and Ste-Steve
pimp masters supreme
Asian girls jeans
cream cream
Hot Dave and Mr. P

blazed so much I can't stop blinking
forgot my name so I better start thinking
Thoughts so cold they make you shiver
knife to the gut removes your liver
piss on your brain, throw it in a river
dropping kids at the pool, yes you'll discover
more tokes from the bong, so I'll recover
DJ D off the mic with a flash of the finger

Scurvy D:
How many times have I hit this weed?
My head spinning round like its a dream
gotta break out-- and feed my need
for fly ass shorties and paper green
We ride strong, all day long
and you won't see us 'till the bud is gone
Like gold pressed latinum we're here to stay
so its best to just get out of our way

My name Is C.H., but they call me Xplicit.
I'll be busting rhymes that other nias couldn't compete with.
I'll have everybody guess what state I'm in.
I'm into making records that spin like rims.
Uh, I hope you heard, I be choosy with my words.
Throwing pennies at all the has-beens begging on the curb.
There was Forrest, in a Taurus.
He pulled before us, riding his brakes, I ate a snack cake.
On the way.

DJ Dizzump and Xplicit now rapping with Psychic Frames.
We be running up and busting up, blasting all through your game.
We be snatching all your fans and robbing your fame.
Till suddenly nobody even knows your fucking name.
Got Xplicit in the Teg hotboxing it up.
DJ Dizzump Counterstriking man he's sniping shit up.
Pass the Ciclon over here, pour it in my cup.
Cause I'm driving to your momma's house to ask her whats up.

Egyptians lock up your daughters
or you be giving interviews on that show with Barbara Walters
My ninja be crazy
Fuck the hos in the pyramids
Get ready
And everywhere he go he be getting in to the pussy
Nothing no more
Drive-bys get old you know?
I'll break your fucking back with a bat you fucking ho
John Ritter
Don't be a bitch-ass quitter
Eight Simple Rules needs you like i need your sexy sister