Game Ova

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Game Ova
Song by Forty Psychic Frames
Album Untitled Scurvy D Album
Released Feb 18, 2010
Recorded February 2010
Genre Hip Hop
Label Forty Psychic Records
Members Scurvy D, Wyatt Furtherton, Forrest Jameson
Producer Scurvy D
Untitled Scurvy D Album track listing
Game Ova


Fo to the Jay:
Comin with the lack of faith to shake the sainthood
It's all good cause your Book is bent like Wolfwood cigarettes
We messy enough to fuck up your whole song set, then forget
Here comes Tourette's....SHIT!!!
This rap don't make sense
I'm on the fence, should I stop for suspense or commence?
I'm a paragon, not to be mistaken with Eragon
or other "Gary Sues" on the backs of dragons
I need a flagon of mead because I see medieval floozies in brigandine g-strings
all the armor they need, got the DF Redux
If you shellin out the bucks, then they be dishin the fucks
It sucks, I got more nutz than a bag o' trail mix, amputated 55 still got 56
It's gonna take a little time before I get to 2
but I know that that was too much information for you I apologize
Sometimes I bake hot cherry pies, then ship em to Shanghai
Out there, they call me:
"Streetwise Thrilla", "Triad Killa", "Deepfreeze Chilla", "Crazy Manila"
I know you're gonna ask me "what the fuck does that mean?"
And I'mma say it don't amount to a mountain of beans
And with that, you can make it mean whatever you wish
But I prefer to call it a fuckload of gibberish.

Crazy has a name I won't mention
she calls too much I got that shit blocked still I'm at attention
like Fambrough, the name I gots to drop
anytime we go out he's got our backs with the safety unlocked
and "You've got to watch those eyes," he said
but some eyes are just dots rolling around in the back of their head
there's no signal, no response
the malaise of the insane is wicked
like typing up your thesis in a Wingdings font
this is a job for Anthony
a man whose had this problem more times than Scurvy D's rhymed anything with weed
so I sit back and think how to make this game over
of course, that's when the bitch pops out over my shoulder

Scurvy Dizzle:
I'll drop you like Coleco
with a cheat code
I found on tha back of a motha fuckin GamePro
you should lay low
thats fa damn sho'
When I find ya ass I'll be rockin' God Mode
Every time I kill ya
its from a one hitta
Disembowel, Headsplitta
break ya fuckin' liva
Your a noob bitch, a punk ass beginna
Get ya level up before you step to a winna
I'll drain my main vein
on ya weak ass game
its a sad, sad shame
your so fuckin' lame
only you to blame
only you can change
sad sorry state of your motha fuckin' brain
Fo Jay in tha spot
the lyrics that he drops
are supa nova hot
gonna start a ri-ot
Wy-man in tha cut
hit ya'll wit tha buffs
that robot's got guts
Game Ova Chumps