From the Mind of Xplicit

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From the Mind of Xplicit
From the Mind of Xplicit cover
Studio album by Xplicit
Released February 14, 2006
Recorded -
Genre Hip Hop
Length -
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Anthony Jackson, Wyatt Furtherton, Forrest Jameson
Professional reviews
  • ' 3.5/5 stars 2004
Singles from From the Mind of Xplicit
  1. "Can't Stick a Dick in an Internet Bitch"
    Released: -

From the Mind of Xplicit was the first freestyle album from the Forty Psychic Frames camp and first release in the Forty Psychic Freestyles Series on Forty Psychic Records. It also happened to be the first album to have it's own music video. Unlike the other albums in the freestyle collection, this compilation's aesthetic was that it was uncut, uncensored, and lacked any fade ins or fade outs. What the listener hears is how it actually was sitting in the studio as Chesterfield Harrington performed. Paper and Staples Magazine said in a review, "the perfectly named album exceeds expectations. This guy knows how to take a mic and run off with it. No one will ever see it again." Anthony responded to Xplicit's impersonation of him, "many people don't know that I was in the studio when he was doing that shit. That was funny as hell and it makes me wanna do a song with just me and him on it."


  1. Three's Company (alternate mix) (Featuring Wyatt and Xplicit)
  2. That's An Attack You Didn't See (Freestyle 02)
  3. Freestyle Video (Can't Stick a Dick in a Internet Bitch)
  4. "Anthony" vs. Xplicit Freestyle
  5. Glock in My Hand (Freestyle 05)
  6. I'm Having a Pistoleer Baby Freestyle (Featuring Anthony Jackson and Forrest Jameson)
  7. Dictionary Master (Freestyle 01) (Featuring Wyatt Furtherton)
  8. Trying to Act With Our Brain (Freestyle 06) (Featuring Forrest Jameson)
  9. So You Can Put Shit Around Your Neck (Freestyle 11)
  10. Are You My

Future Projects

Xplicit has just now started to work on this solo album. The tracks are not set in stone, but they will be posted in the order they are finished. Xplicit has not commented on the up and coming album except for stating the following at a local pawn shop when cornered by a WTVD news team, "Let's just say I feel that this album is something that all of the 40PF fans are ready for. All I am going to say is that my number one track entitled Xplicit's Ten Rules To Life, will be the glue to hold this ish together."

"Kak kak kak"

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