Forty Psychic Records

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Forty Psychic Records
40PR - Temp56.PNG
Founded 2003
Founder Anthony Jackson, Wyatt Furtherton
Genre Hip-Hop
Country of origin United States
Location Asheville, NC
Official website [1]

Forty Psychic Records is an in-house boutique label created by the members of the hip-hop collective Forty Psychic Frames. It acts primarily as a label for releasing albums by the group, by solo projects, and various singles recorded by Forty Psychic Frames members. The first release of any kind on Forty Psychic Records was The Mind Click Sounds E.P. on November 4, 2003.

List of Releases

List of Upcoming Releases

Past and Present 40PF Studios

Throughout their career, the Frames have utilized a number of studios to produce their music and other projects, all of which include: