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The Forty Psychic Freestyles Series is a series of EP's that seeks to compile the best freestyle sessions by individual members of the Forty Psychic Frames released in short quantities on the Forty Psychic Records label. Of the numerous freestyle sessions so far there are only four releases in the series.

While most of the sessions of 220 were mostly sucked dry of material, Anthony constructed a rough mix of a Wyatt Furtherton and Forrest Jameson freestyle mix. This mix would be listened to every morning of Anthony's trip out to the West.


Though the freestyle recordings in this series didn't come to fruition until the group convened with the likes of DJ D and Xplicit, freestyling within the group can be traced back to the early development stages of Forty Psychic Frames' first song Peep My Cheese. Wyatt and Forrest developed the idea of the song, and invariably the group, initially freestyling to a primitive beat. Lyrics were shortly written down thereafter and the process of writing lyrics opposed to freestyling them quickly became the group's standard procedure.

Shortly after arriving in Asheville for the first time as Forty Psychic Frames members, Xplicit and DJ D, along with members Anthony Jackson (who has engineered almost all the the freestyle sessions to date) and Wyatt Furtherton and Forrest Jameson, took to the microphone inside 220 Studios and as a method of trying things out for the first time in a group setting, began freestyling to a selection of beats provided by DJ D. These recording sessions became commonplace during their first stay at 220 and, in the case of Xplicit, even played a large role in developing some of the material that would eventually be recorded on the group's pivotal track "Gangstaish". These sessions became exercises of warming up to recordings, taking a break from recordings, brainstorming for future recordings, workouts through boredom and as a means to entertain one another. From the initial "Gangstaish"-era recordings and on, freestyling would become de rigueur for Forty Psychic Frames recording sessions.

While work stalled on the Untitled Sleepaway Records Demo Anthony and Wyatt took to revisiting older material, but in particular the freestyle sessions. Revisiting older Forty Psychic Frames material is commonplace within the group (see the impetus for this wiki) but in an attempt to extricate certain favorite sections of the recordings, they decided to edit their favorite pieces by various members and compile them into album form.


The purpose of the Forty Psychic Freestyles Series is to provide a comprehensive collection of the best and most tightly arranged archived freestyle sessions by individual members as a means of celebrating and enjoying the work done by Forty Psychic Frames off the page and off the the top of the head.