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Ear Infections is the performing moniker and sometimes band name of producer and musician Wes Delaney. He is currently a co-producer for the new upcoming untitled Wyatt Furtherton album.

Nights in Washington County

Nights In Washington County is the title of the first project officially released by Ear Infections. In Fall semester of 2005 while attending the North Carolina School of the Arts senior student director Chris Shields approached Wes Delaney to write and produce original music for his final film project entitled "Nights In Washington County." Though the script and production details of the film had yet to be finalized Wes began work immediately based on the description of the film given initially by Mr. Shields. Said to be a "series of vignettes" regarding a "small but close group of teenage friends in Washington County, North Carolina" Wes produced seven songs within two weeks and presented them to Mr. Shields. Though he was especially taken to the work under the name Ear Infections, according to Wes Delaney, the hesitation towards undertaking such an ambitious project at that time shown by Chris was obvious. Despite the lack of direction Wes continued working until he was stopped in the hall in January of 2006 abruptly by Mr. Shields who informed him that he was abandoning the Nights In Washington County project. Undeterred Wes finished a total of twenty-one tracks and decided to release them as an album. Originally titled "Songs from Nights in Washington County" to coincide with the film's release it was renamed and self-released on February 21, 2006.

After the spring semester Wes continued making music throughout the summer of 2006 in Asheville North Carolina where in early May he met Wyatt Furtherton at a local bar, Charlotte Street Pub and Grill. Over a brief period of time a friendship was born over the appreciation of a Loretta Lynn song "Miss Being Mrs." From there they both shared their tastes of music and discussed at length the work they were doing. It was during this time that Wyatt was given a copy Nights In Washington County and on that same night offered to release it through the Forty Psychic Frames in-house label Forty Psychic Records. Despite its release, few have heard the album and general opinion is sporadic at best. However Wyatt Furtherton cites the album as one of the reasons for asking Ear Infections to help produce his new untitled album.

Dwelt By a Churchyard - "Death's Head Commando (Ear Infections Remix)"

The friendship with Wyatt Furtherton eventually led to a meeting with Label, the head of Sleepaway Records in Atlanta Georgia. Though Label was in charge of company operations and signings, one noted signing being that of the first major Forty Psychic Frames album (see Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo), he was also involved in several bands. One such band was a solo project entitled Dwelt By a Churchyard and during the meeting they discussed each others work, resulting in Wes being given Dwelt By a Churchyard's "Death's Sweet Demo" CD. After listening to the album Wes immediately set to remix a song and produced "Death's Head Commando (Ear Infections Remix)." Though it was immediately sent to Sleepaway Records headquarters, it is unknown how it was received by Label.

Current Projects

Ear Infections is currently residing and working with Wyatt Furtherton on the follow-up to Wyatt's first solo album Unknown Circuitry.

Concurrently, Wes Delaney is also working under the Ear Infections name as an advertisement music writer. Recently, Wyatt Furtherton and Wes formed Inner Ear Music as a contract for-hire company for advertising companies to write music for television and radio commercials.

Wes Delaney has also recently announced beginning work on a new Ear Infections record entitled Deep Speed. It is purposed to be an instrumental metal album.

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