Do That (Shine Shine Thang)

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“Do That (Shine Shine Thang)”
Song by Anthony Jackson Presents the Individual Rappers
Album Anthony Jackson Presents the Individual Rappers
Released October 16, 2008
Recorded May 20, 2008
Genre Hip Hop
Length 2:25
Label Paradise Records
Members Anthony Jackson, Weston Smith, Shorty Strong, Smooth Vibe
Producer -
Anthony Jackson Presents the Individual Rappers track listing
"Pick Up The Pace"
Do That (Shine Shine Thang)
"Perfect the Art"


Thang is shiny cause weston says so
i broke this goddamn phone from texting all my hos in the 3-1-0 area code
i'm sorry but i am horny - - - i ain't forty/virgin free
fucked sigoruniey under the umbrella tree (!!!)
don't bite my knee Strong to the Shorty

Shorty Strong:
WESTON don't know shit about SHINY
He looks more like TINY
from the ZOMBIE fliCK
Than an actual human
Head all lumpy like my NUTZ
I found a rock of gold on the street
It was glowing up at ME
Now I gots all the BLING
and it make me sing.

I got rims
and they sho be
you can tell cause the
height of the honeys
in the back seat
system pumpin blackstreet
no diggity
no doubt

Do That Do That
Shine Shine Thang

Smooth Vibe:
Vibe is up for another ride down memory lane,
when i bust in yo insides rusty cage?
Let me lube ya up.
Puppy dog lips drips the mayonaise pack,
from my #5 meal at Burger King
You're my burger Queen.

Shorty Strong:
SHORTY'S back wearin a hat
not like one of those
LAME ASS cowboys
I Don't live in the DESERT
but I'll eat DESSERT
off your ASS... the floor
SHORTY'S always wanting more
I like all those lacy thongs that sparkle and shine
like the crack in my pipe