Death of a Salesman (album)

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Death of a Salesman
Death of a Salesman cover
Studio album by Scurvy D
Released September, 2009
Recorded 2004 through Sept. 2009 at various studios
Genre Hip Hop
Length 24 mins
Label Forty Psychic Records
Producer Various
Scurvy D chronology
Death of a Salesman
Singles from Death of a Salesman
  1. "That's the way we are (feat. Nothingman)"
  2. "Death of a Salesman"
  3. "Baird Street Apokalypse

Back cover
Back Cover.
Back Cover.

Death of "Death of a Salesman"

by Chucky Truffle

There had been much talk about the production of "Death of a Salesman," that later just seemed to fizzle and then fade away. The overhyped solo album of Scurvy D, member of Forty Psychic Frames failed to really get out of the gate. In a conversation with Scurves, I found out that three songs had been definitely recorded. He alluded to another one that was mostly rewritten but didn't have a beat, and a couple of other songs recorded but lost. A total of six songs planned, and no album to show for it. When asked what happened to the project Scurvy D said, "I never got everything together. I recorded a track with Ant (Anthony Jackson of Forty Psychic Frames), one by myself when I was back in St. Louis and like three with my boy Nothingman. Two of those I never got copies of, and he left for Portland. The album isn't dead by any means. I just need a few more beats." The future apparently looks bright though. Recently Jackson has revitalized the website of the band,, and there are talks of new tracks from the Frames. We can only hope that the reunited Frames will lead to the completion of the long awaited debut solo. Until then, I'll get my fix of Scurvy D and all the Frames any way I can.

Finalized Tracklist:

1. Bi-Polarity (feat. Anthony Jackson and Forrest Jameson)
2. Death of a Salesman
3. That's the way we are (feat. Nothingman)
4. O.P.E.C
5. Baird Street Apokalypse
6. Radio Hack
7. UnNatural Change (feat. Anthony Jackson)
8. New Era

9. Must

Recent Update:

Scurvy D is reportedly in Arco 75 working on Death of a Salesman.

Progress continues

and then Progress ends cause....

The Album is done!!!!!