Death of a Salesman

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“Death of a Salesman”
Song by Scurvy D
Album Death of a Salesman
Released January 24, 2009
Recorded April 13th, 2007
Genre Hip Hop
Length 2:37
Label Forty Psychic Records
Members Scurvy D
Producer Anthony Jackson
Death of a Salesman track listing
Death of a Salesman
"UnNatural Change (feat. Anthony Jackson)"

Scurvy D:

It's implosive when my notes hit ya
overdriven script flippa
ready to rock
bust you in tha e
ar wit mah wrista
Ask Clarissa!
Ya like Sam, so I'll diss ya
Get ready fah my flow to hit ya in tha kissa
You suckas don't know me
Blazed out cat,
Named Scurvy D
Mic ready
Hype heavy
switch up always deadly
then we puff on these headies
get with tha betties
streak off in the night in tha Jetty
Know where I'm comin' from?
Holla at cha boy
I'm tha real McCoy
beast of the east
quick with tha ploy
Next greatest thing since soy
No Doy!
I play motha fuckas like tinker toys
I generate more fear than ol' Doc Crane
an levitate when this shit hits mah brain
turn wheels tah make deals
hustle tha game
blazed up suckas
just one of the tha Frames
Hold up son
you outta control
the narrator wouldn't hesistate
to tell you so
take it as an order from my boy Fambrough
either scold is cold
ya got told
I'm a con artist
workin' on my next scam
street genius hustla
rippin' off tha man
cash roll in for tracks that ain't bland
fair price to pay for one of my jams
You can neva create somethin' from nothin'
so quit ya cussin'
with tha D in effect
ya defenses be crumblin'
all that struttin' got ya busted cousin
Now I'm laughin' cause I'm buzzin'

On second thought!

I'm not Scurves for tha sake of this song
thats all wrong
you can call me Predator
blades sharp an arm strong
hit you with a sedative
ya think like dumb blondes
ya life isn't worth keepin'
'round to long
see into my eyes
ya heart rate stunted
by a cold blooded blunta
wit a knack for huntin'
I'm on attack
cause you motha fuckas
been frontin'
can't give up now
ya asses started somethin'
you're gonna hit tha streets
to keep outta my reach
ya numba one betrayer will be
ya own feets
bring ya straight back to me
deeper than shits creek
motha fucka can't handle tha heat?
then give me my fees
I'm on tha hunt for Jakes, sharks and snakes
I'll cut ya brakes
I don't make mistakes
take it like a man,
on ya two legs stand
Death of a Salesman
when my nina goes