Chicken Noodles (Song)

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“Chicken Noodles”
Song by Shorty Strong
Album A Short Stranger Will Soon Enter Your Life
Released July 14th, 2009
Recorded July 3rd, 2009
Genre Hip Hop
Length 2:25
Label Paradise Records
Members Shorty Strong, Hugh Buckingham Jeeves
Producer Shorty Strong
A Short Stranger Will Soon Enter Your Life track listing
"Midgets and Giants"
Chicken Noodles
"A Man Without An Ear"


Weston found a ring on the floor.
We don't know where it came from,
but it looks like it might
belong to a guy without an ear.
It's got some engraaaaaavin on it,
but I can't seem to read it
Solid Gold,
I go to chew on it,
but I chip a tooth
and it falls in my soup.
I can't see it in the chicken noodles

<<(((((not Bloody LIKELY!)))))>>>

Shawanda calls. I've got a celly in my pocket.
She came to visit me in the hospital every day.
Man.....I love that bitch. I still don't see me getting hitched
I can't see a answer. In my phone 'till I see it
And she cries all night. And I feel deep inside.

<<(((((what The FUck YOu SAY?))))))>>>

I step out the door, onto the sidewalk, walk into the fog
Weston, I won't be gone very long. I'm heading North
but not towards Canada, the other North, you know what I'm sayin
I'll head into the forest where the trees are green
and the owls are mean. I need to see bright lights
and hear the screeching of the owls at night.

Log Lady coming up and makin my log hard.
She's offering me some Big Red. I taste like cinnamon now
and my tongue's glowin red. I stick it out and it leads the way.

And it leads the way...>>>