Behind the Green Door

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“Behind the Green Door”
Single by Anthony Jackson
from the album Satisfaction
Released February 14th, 2007
Format Compact Disc
Recorded August 2005
Genre Hip Hop
Length 2:05
Label Forty Psychic Records
Members Anthony Jackson, Wyatt Furtherton
Producer Anthony Jackson
Certification Silver
Anthony Jackson singles chronology
"Figure 8"
"Behind the Green Door"
Satisfaction track listing
"Myrtle Beach (Ocean Blvd.)"
"Behind the Green Door"
"Black Jack (Las Vegas)"

Behind the Green Door is Anthony's "porno anthem". This track is named after a porno flick bearing the same name and features Wyatt Furtherton. Aside from the commentary of sexuality in today's society, Anthony goes back to the days of Suge Sucks by telling off Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, who were both at one time associates with Suge Knight from the Death Row label.

Wyatt's verse compliments Anthony's by talking about college freshmen sex, stalkers, and the one handed bra release technique. His verse was completed in one take.



Barbie doll bend
With patents pending
Matel sex dolls
Now you can play the role
as Ken

Mini-skirts for children
Only ten bucks a pop
Same price for porn
when ya order from the cable box

Fuck all that
get them thirty second clips
Tommy's Bookmarks bitch
right click and then ya save it

Action Jackson
Call me the Milf Hunter
I wonder
If I'm addicted to crows feet

Teach the teat sucker
a thing or two
About 8th Street Latinas
or the BangBus on Park Avenue

Bow Wow Wow
Yippie Yo Yippie Yay
Snoop tell Dre
that I just fucked his wife

That's ok though
After I banged madam
I wrote some lines
Placed them underneath
her diaphragm
for him.

As for you Huggy Bear
promote some more sidekicks
Calvin, ya know what?
Don't fuck with a Psychic

Time does fly
when ya having fun
Just like on Bibington
where you still don't hear a gun


Give me

Give me a name a street a time a place a date
and tomorrow you'll start worrying that you'll be late

I got stalker hookup don't lookup I'm there
what's up let's put up with our eyes closed shut
in your daddy's truck
what kind of colors do you see in me when we're breathing in
the back of a Civic EX grey with rain on tin
one handed bra release
I'm under the sheets
is this density
to be sex meat
in your freshman memory
I'm not hearin about
your third your first your last boyfriend
or the size of the blunt object that he beat you with
just let me or DJ D or Anthony
treat you right for the first time
so bad you won't believe girl