Baird Street Studios

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Baird Street Studios

After finally settling down in a semi permanent studio, the Asheville Crew founded Baird Street Studios. The remainder of the Triforce Pump Up! album was recorded at this particular studio as well as Unknown Circuitry, Satisfaction, and the two tracks for Death of a Salesman. The freestyle albums From the Mind of Xplicit, Satellite, the Untitled Sleepaway Recordings Demo, and Rated F were also finalized in the studio.


The Baird Street Studios was in a convenient location in Asheville. Charlotte Street Pub, Fudruckers, and a gas station were a minute walk away. Hot Route was also easily accessible when The Frames wanted to do a Mobile Studio track.

There were downsides to this location. The majority of the time, The Frames were hounded by Richard while going to and from the studio. They also had to deal with the sounds of gun shots from Broad Street.