Arise, Awake, For It Will Be Told

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Arise, Awake, For It Will Be Told
Song by DJ D
Album Heads Up
Released April 3, 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre Hip Hop
Label Forty Psychic Records
Members DJ D, Forrest Jameson
Producer Wyatt Furtherton, Forrest Jameson
Heads Up track listing
Arise, Awake, For It Will Be Told

"Arise, Awake, For It Will Be Told" is the first single off of DJ D's solo album, Heads Up. DJ D's concept behind the song was inspired by the beat, which was created by Wyatt Furtherton. DJ D and Forrest wrote the song verse by verse (similar to "Haunted Hell"), studying the previous verse before proceeding with the next.

The story is told from the perspective of a nameless fictional character.


Silent night, moon light, casts light from above
As my eyes shine bright, feel the darkness of love
Felt my heart drop as I drew that line in the sand
And had to watch you walk right past...
So I walk out to the road, fired up the whip
Choke down those feelings that amass within
It was the longest drive since my life began
On that dark road, where my rampant thoughts run cold
Rolled up creeping, cut down the bass
Finish up that 40 track just to slow my heart race
Open the door, step out, one foot at a time
Head to toe in black, a metaphor for my mind
Same night, same light, but it casts you out
Take a look at my shadow, watch evil smile back
Take a little solace with a simple act,
caressing smooth cold steel strapped to my back

Blue-green eyes, locked onto white lines
passing by through the light, perforated like your lies
I can still hear your sigh, no matter how hard I try to block it outta my mind
Tonight you will cry
And no amount of tears will ever conceal
The fact that you're with him (tighten my grip on the wheel and steer)
Blow through a red light, next left, then right
No police in sight, think I just might have to take your life,
take back what you took of mine
Tell myself that I'll feel just fine if I leave no sign
that you ever had my heart, that we never grew apart,
that I didn't have to blast you both
Getting close, driving past the park where we met
I won't forget the beginning of the end
Check the nine at my hip, fully loaded clip
Pull up, into the night I stealthily slip

One or two blocks down, third house on the left
takes a quick burst of courage to take that first step
I stare up to the sky and then I stare right through
takes a moment to shake that haloed vision of you
But I have to slow my breathe and relax
There's no dodging the swing, executioner's axe

As it falls down, my blood runs cold through the trail of my veins
The thought of you, my unholy angel with another man
Cunningly holding another's hand
I know he's here, cause I can see his blue van
parked out front and I fuckin' know what's up
You better fuckin' believe I'll interrupt, my love

House looms up, plenty of bushes for cover
Feel adrenaline surge, tingles flesh all over
While the dead of the night
that single bay window is shining awful bright
That worth a thousand words
There you are, my shining star, sat across from another

And I can tell he's your lover, cause the way you look in his eyes
is the same way you looked in mine
And I can feel the fatefull chill up and down my spine,
a sharp, urgent reminder that it's almost time
So I climb the steps, foot down on the floor
of your front porch, then I walk to your door
Never once before did I think it would come to this
I smash it open with a kick
And a kiss, the bliss that I miss the I perceive?
Ghost of what I used to be
God, how could you deceive?
And you know.
Your eyes grow wide as I step inside, my heat high
Your partner in crime lets out a cry
and I eulogize, three last words
Moment nigh, finger flinch, and then I...AND THEN I...

Collapse to my knees, carpet soft to the touch
Take in this vision, it's almost too much
But the blood spray tells the tale better then words
I can't pull my gaze from steaming holes in your skirt
And life speeds up and then slows to a crawl
It's hard with muddled thoughts to make sense of it all
But in all... it's just all that you can expect
I shake my head and awake
I got decisions to make
and those last two steps are the hardest of all
I got to walk through that door and down that hall
Look in your eyes, see the void in mine
About that time for that steel to shine
And the door slams shut.
Is that moment enough?
Cause I need it to be, cause I need it to see
the clear path you're about to walk with me,
it's a conscious decision on a dead end street